mandag 26. desember 2011

Modular progress

Just a quick note on the progress of my modular.

I have desided to make it look like a miniature Prophet 5. I have bought 200 knobs from Dave Smith Instruments, and have landed the design of the various modules. Next up is buying jack sockets and potmeters. I will probably use the same Alpha pots that I used for the Machinebeats.

fredag 23. september 2011


Here are some photos showing what the P5 looked like when it arrived in norway.

A key to the far left, pressed all the way down

A key to the far right, pressed all the way down. Notice how it hits the wood/metal and how it looks compared to the left one (This is before I inserted the washers.

Here is a screw on the right side that holds the keybed, half way unscrewed. The other screw on the left is missing.

Now, this is not good - the "filt env" pot has been bent towards the back of the synth - or rather, the metal front plate has actually been bent down! Whatever did this must have put quite a lot of force on the pot.

Here is the screw that holds the back of the synth to the wood, right behind the "filt env" pot. It's not easy to see in this pic, but it is actually slightly bent, which I guess happened at the same time the pot was pressed backwards.

Here's the broken mod wheel - also on the same side as the "filt env" pot...

torsdag 9. juni 2011

(Not so) short list of stuff I need to get

An update is needed - I was hoping the list would shrink, but it is actually growing ;-)

Korg M1
Roland JP-8000
Roland JD-800
Roland Juno-60
Roland JX-3P w/PG-200
Roland PG-800
Clavia Nord Lead 2 (Because it's RED. And because it's a modern classic)
Oberheim OBXa (Jump! Need I say more?)
Oberheim Matrix 12
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Linn Drum

Casio MT-400
Casio VL-1
Crumar Bit-One
Introspectiv 9090
Moog Little Phatty Australian Redback Edition
Novation KS Rack
Oakley Sound Systems TB3031
Roland D-50
Roland MC-303
Roland Juno 106
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland JX-8P
Roland TR-808
Yamaha DX7-IID modular