mandag 8. juni 2009

SMD based VCOs

The project focus has shifted slightly at the moment. I'm now thinking about building a polyphonic synth as well as a modular. To achieve this, I've started redrawing the modules from to use SMD components. Yesterday I finished the VCO, and the result is a 70 x 32 mm PCB, exactly 1/3 of the size of the yusynth one.

As I have little experience designing audio circuits, I have no idea of how noisy the new design is. To test the new PCBs, I've etched a bunch of yusynth PCBs to use as a reference. These will then be used to build a mono modular :-)

So far I've etched:
3 x VCO
2 x LFO
3 x Envelope generators
3 x VCA
1 x Moog filter
1 x ARP filter
1 x Steiner filter
1 x Diode filter
1 x Ring modulator
1 x Noise/Sample & hold
1 x Audio mixer
1 x power supply (Ken Stone)
1 x Auto bend

I'm aiming for a 6 voice, 3 VCO polysynth, which means that I need 18 VCOs... This will surely take a lot of time and money to finish, so I don't expect to complete the project for some years (if it is ever finished at all...)

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